Miguel Perotti. Autor del libro Diseño de Videojuegos Técnicas y Ejercicios Prácticos.


  • “Diseño de Videojuegos: Técnicas y Ejercicios Prácticos”.
  • Ra-Ma Editorial.
  • ISBN: 9788499649191.
  • Year: 2020.

I am the author of this introductory book to video game design that contains explanations, tips, techniques, examples and exercises, whose ultimate purpose is to help, in a practical way, those who are starting to make their game designs solid and fun.

MOOC (Massive Online Open Course)

  • 30-hour Online Course which includes videos, lessons, exercises, and supporting materials.
  • Created for Telefónica Educación Digital.
  • Distributed through Fundación Telefónica’s Conecta Empleo program.
  • It is currently active.
  • Year: 2016

I designed, developed and presented this 30-hour Introduction to Game Design Mooc with 20 videos, downloadable materials and exercises.

Miguel Perotti Game Design Course MOOC
Miguel Perotti MOOC Videojuegos
Miguel Perotti. Artículo Game Design en Revista Micromanía.

Press Articles

  • Revista Micromanía, Nº 253
  • Article entitled: “Game decisions – basis of gameplay and learning”.
  • Year: 2016

I wrote this article for the “The Workshop” section of Micromania magazine, about decision making in games and its relationship with learning.


  • Revista Magisterio. ENIAC nº 12158
  • Interview about Educational Apps.
  • Year: 2018

Interview conducted by the newspaper Magisterio about Educational Apps. Published in the ENIAC supplement of February 2018.

Miguel Perotti. Interview Apps Educativas. Periódico Magisterio. ENIAC 12158
  • Periódico “El Comercio”.
  • Interview about Educational Videogames.
  • Year: 2014

Interview conducted by the newspaper “El Comercio” for its Technology section and related to Educational Videogames. It was published on November 30, 2014.

Miguel Perotti. Interview in "El Comercio" about Educational Games.